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Hard and Soft Services

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Hard Services

Seamless performances of equipments and installations are highly important and critical to the business environment . UDS ensures that a robust process and system is designed considering Efficiency, Health, Safety and Environment, Risk management and cost benefits to the facility . Our processes for O and M , Planned Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance Planning and Business Continuity Plans ensure 100 % compliance with statutory regulations . We also work in close coordination with nominated supply partners, sub contractors ensuring their performance while cross mapping all processes and systems with the client's quality management systems like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS etc.

Our Operations And Maintenance Services Cover The Following Systems :

1. Electrical
2. UPS
3. DG
4. Building Management ( BMS )
6. Plumbing and Water Management
7. Waste Treatment Plant /Sewage Treatment Plant
8. Minor project works
9. Energy Audit
10. Carpentry and Masonry


1. Helpdesk
2. Asset maintenance
3. Inventory management


Operations & Maintenance of all installations
Breakdown Maintenance
Preventive and Predictive Management
Co-ordination with contract agencies including third party contractors
Statutory compliances
Energy conservation
Training & Audits
MIS and Reporting
24/7 Support from our technical team
Implementation of EHS standards and policy (Environment, Health & Safety Policy)


1. Access Control System
2. CCTV System
3. Fire Alarm System
4. Building Management System (BMS)
5. OEM's/ Warranties
6. MIS Reports
7. Maintain general material and equipment


Building and Asset Maintenance Services is based on the objective of improving the overall all building efficiency, and enhance the value of all assets, reduce down time and surprise break downs and thereby reduce costs. We offer complete maintenance plans for your entire plant and building including O and M, Utilities maintenance and engineering services. The areas we work with you include risk management, Environment management, forward maintenance planning and Business Continuity planning.


1. Operation & Maintenance of Centralised Screw Chiller units including pumps & VFD's
2. Split / Package air- conditioners cleaning of filters, checking of wiring and plugs, testing of machine for proper operation and signs of wear & tear
3. Regular checking & periodic cleaning of equipment such as FCU, AHU and ventilation fans etc,
4. Checking of fire dampers in ventilation ducts are checked on regular basis by in- house team
5. Preventive maintenance checks which are not under the AMC for AC plant maintenance


Water Management Systems
Minor repairs of Sanitary fixtures
Pump Operations
Maintenance of spares
Ensuring adequate water in the overhead tanks for use
Cleaning of tanks at periodic intervals.
Sourcing water when needed
Testing the same for quality ( TDS )
Operation & maintenance of Water management system , WTP / STP / ETP wherever applicable
Minor repairs of Sanitary fixtures
Pump Operation
Maintenance of spares

Soft Services

All systems and processes in Soft Services are designed to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness through Innovative approaches and integration of trained resources , state of art equipments , eco friendly cleaning products and proven processes. The results are a superior quality performance levels while adding tangible business benefits and value to the ecosystem.


Basic Standard :
Maintain at all times in good condition - office areas, service areas, public areas , utility areas , fire exits, stairways, basements , lifts , car parking and external areas.
Prestige Standard :
High standard of cleanliness and appearance at all times including maintaining higher floor gloss levels – VIP board rooms , VIP Pantry , Reception areas , Lobbies and Top Management floors etc
Hygiene Standard :
Areas where a high hygiene standard is mandatory –Hospitals, sterile areas , toilets , kitchens , cafeteria , pantry , vending areas , first aid rooms .Waste bins , hidden surfaces , hinges, underside of workstations etc to be maintained free of dirt, stains, waste matter, watermarks and scale using appropriate cleaning and sanitizing materials.

Routine Cleaning:
Cleaning tasks to ensure that offices, toilets, meeting areas, public areas & all other routine work areas, furniture & floor spaces are maintained to a high level of general cleanliness and remain presentable and fit for their intended purpose
Reactive Cleaning:
Reactive service to maintain full & safe use of facilities – response to spillages, replenishing consumables & monitoring the cleanliness of all sanitary facilities
Periodic Cleaning:
Activity includes all deep cleaning and periodic cleaning activities of the communal & public areas and activities that require more frequent cleaning than routine cleaning including kitchens, vending points and cafeteria


OWe handle complete commercial and residential landscape maintenance and garden care services that include care and maintenance for your lawns , shrub reshaping and pruning, feeding and fertilizing, hedge cutting and trimming and anything else which keeps your garden looking at its best !

Maintenance of all office plants and flowers at healthy growth standards - at acceptable height and form, pruned in accordance with good horticultural practices. From basic planting schemes designed to suit desired preferences and layouts to more elaborate planting designs , from supply of plants to conducting the planting and initial feeding , choosing the right plants for the garden keeping in mind – awareness of soil types , amount of light reaching the flower beds, aspect of the garden , sheltered or exposed beds.
Use of ground cover plants to reduce weeding, decorative plants to add year round colour, shape and height to the garden creating a healthy soil balance essential for plant growth with water, air and a range of mineral nutrients while maintaining good practices in landscape irrigation methods.

Asset records detailing all plant specimens detailing type, location, condition and frequency of visit for all plants on display at each location A trained and dedicated team of experts is provided to meet standards in terms of maintenance of all your horticultural requirements in - Hard and Soft Landscaping


We provide premium pest control services ensuring all safety and environmental requirements & compliances with customized solutions for your business and industry .


Adopting a continuous evaluation system for effectiveness of treatment
Identification of pests and analysis of their current activity in and around the facility
Providing necessary recommendations for limiting and preventing pest activity
Treatment solutions
Implementation of effective control methods


Design Pest Control Schedules
Plan control strategies
Latest equipments , technologies & methodology
Disposal & Removal
Use of environment friendly chemicals


Anti Termite Treatments(Pre construction & Post Construction)
Rodent Control
Mosquito control
General Pest Management