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Security Services

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Security Services

Magic Touch provides comprehensive security solutions using manned guards for your premises . Our services extend to commercial and industrial establishments with a focus to maintain a safe & secure environment and workplace . With all the necessary approved licenses to operate - Magic Touch adopts the highest recognized industry standards as per norms defined by the insurance industry . police, fire and rescue services . Our Human Resource processes emphasize on screening , background checks and track records .

Services :

1. Manned Guarding
2. Event Security
3. CCTV Monitoring
4. Key Management
5. Crowd Management and Evacuation Procedures
6. Fire Safety and Drill
7. Community Support
8. Car Park Protection
9. Security Patrols
10. Tenant Liaison
11. First Aid
12. Help and Advice to the Public Care
13. Dealing with Unruly Behavior


Our highly trained and professional manned guarding and patrolling services is an effective deterrant against crime , theft or any kind of unrest .Guarding & Patrolling are offered to all industries and sensitive installations that are vulnerable or that require the presence and attention of an efficient private security team .


Surveillance of all areas in the facility , its occupants , visitors , observing or listening to persons, places or activities—usually in unobtrusive manner—with the aid of electronic devices such as close circuit cameras suoervised by professionals . The objective of electronic surveillance is to gather evidence of a crime or to accumulate intelligence about suspected criminal activity. Electronic surveillance to essentially to maintain the security of the buildings and grounds .